About us

Villa Bravo is located in Palanga, Lithuania, which has the most beautiful beaches in Western Europe. We invite you to spend a wonderful summer vacation, enjoy the sun, the freshness of the Baltic Sea and silky golden dunes.


We invite you to relax at Villa Bravo in comfortable apartments.


For your enjoyable holiday Villa Bravo is located near the cozy park, where in the early morning you can listen to beautiful melodies of birds and noise of fragrant pine trees.


Summerhouse built in the courtyard, where you can spend a wonderful evening with a glass of wine in hand, or enjoy meals prepared over a fire.



For your convenience, Villa Bravo offers:

  • towels;
  • bedclothes;
  • kitchen – fridge, cooker, electric kettle, all utensils and tools for cooking;
  • cloakroom and iron;
  • yard for the car;

Villa Bravo is located:

  • 13 minutes from the beach,
  • 8 minutes to the city center,
  • 5 minutes from the nearest super market,
  • 7 km from Palanga air port.

 We wish you a pleasant stay at Villa Bravo in Palanga!